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Sample Packet Folders
1UAMS Departmental Letters of Support
2Letters of Recommendation (Professional Recognition)
3CV/General Overview
4Time and Effort
6Research/Scholarly Activities
7Clinical Service
8Leadership/Administrative Service
10Professional Recognition, Awards & Honors

The purpose of this Sample Packet is to provide all faculty members, including department chairs and staff with an online guide defining the criteria, showing the framework, including example templates, and other tips on how to develop a presentable promotion and tenure packet for promotion and/or tenure.

Feel free to use this site as you prepare your packet and use any of the templates included to help guide you through the process.

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1.UAMS Departmental Letters of Support
2.Letters of Recommendation (Professional Recognition)
3.CV/General Overview
4.Time and Effort
6.Research/Scholarly Activities
7.Clinical Service
8.Leadership/Administrative Service
10.Professional Recognition, Awards & Honors